Motorcycle culture in Klaipeda has been followed by young, energetic, partial people since 1988. The public assumed bikers lifestyle was dishonourable and living on the edge of the law, but these young, rebeleous people just wanted to break society‘s old-fashioned stereotypes about bikers. The motocycle‘s enthusiasts mixed up in conflicts with society, because they wanted to defend their honour and beliefs. The negative society‘s opinion about bikers, made motocyclists more united. Fortunately, many of old-fashioned stereotypes about bikers have weakened.
In the January of 1994 was established Chimeras motorcycle club. Enthusiasts who have joined to ride motorcycles together wanted to spread the world about this motorcycle culture. The first founders of the Cimeras MC is still the members of our club and are involved in the development of the club.
2006 is the year then Midnight Ravens MC have joined Chimeras MC.
In 2011 Sharks MC became Chimeras MC Telse.